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Gran's Remedy for Smelly Feet and Footwear

Share with us your great experiences in making smelly feet a thing in the past for you!

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 Wong, Subang Jaya
"My job requires me to present my best at all times. Gran's Remedy is my final piece of the puzzle! Though in my case, the effect lasts slightly less than 6 months, it is definitely the best long term solution that I have came across and saved a lot of my existing shoes that smells. I give it no second thought to recommend to whoever suffering in silence, just like I did."


 Kevin (Radio DJ & Professional Emcee)
"The only kind of foot deodorant that works for me. The little jar of wonders is called Gran's Remedy and I usually buy it online but I just found out that it's sold in Malaysia!! If you want to wear your loafers, sneakers or runners without having them smell like where rats go to die, go get one....."


"I feel confident with Gran's Remedy. Start a happy feet with Gran's Remedy as it eliminate odour and....."

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 Kuantan, Pahang
"I shop online regularly, this foot odor solution is that one thing my husband didn't make noise about" 


"Ya Allah setiap kali  buka kasut bau kaki semerbak dalam kereta, pening kepala saya bau kaki sendiri. Kadang-kadang nak muntah bau kaki sendiri. Jadi terima kasih Gran's Remedy..."

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 Kuching, Sarawak
"Thank you for the follow up email. Gran's Remedy Cooling is great! Gone are the days when I need to immediately rush to the toilet to wash my feet when I visit my friend's house."


 George Town, Penang
"I have tried many sorts of home remedy for foot odor. Name it, and I have probably tried it - nothing lasts. Frankly, Gran's Remedy is the first solution that I have actually bought to solve my smelly feet problem. Judging by the effectiveness, I don't see myself getting another brand in a few several years to come."


 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
"I love Korean BBQ with a passion. Very often, I stopped myself from patronizing Korean BBQ restaurant because I'm too ashamed to take off my shoes as per required by the restaurant. I know that when I do so, I will affect the appetite of other customers, if not my own. It is more embarrassing than letting off a silent but deadly fart!

When I was searching around for an effective long term solution, I stumbled across Gran's Remedy and decided to give it a try. To cut the story short, I can say that this is indisputably my best investment this year!! Highly recommended!!


"I thought it only works on shoes but it does gives significant effect on feet too. If I can rave more than this I will! My brother is very much happy....."

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